Videos captured by Liane Greeff and paid for by the Environmental Monitoring Group.

Director Excerpt: Liane Greef

“For the period from 2002 to the present time I followed the saga of the Bujagali Dam in Uganda which will have devastating environmental and social impacts. The dam will drown a large section of the Nile River as it flows out of Lake Victoria and the Bujagali Rapids will be a memory. This video tracks six stories of resettlement based on interviews with people who were moved around 2001/02 when I first visited them, and then again in 2006. I was horrified to find that they had been forgotten whilst the politicians were trying to find alternative funds when the allegedly corrupt AES company abandoned the Bujagali resettled.”

Bujagali: 6 Stories of Resettlement.


Director Excerpt: Liane Greef

“Resettling Maguga is a three part 30 minute videos detailing the story of resettlement of people to make way for the Maguga Dam in Swaziland on the Nkomati River. Unlike many or most stories of dam resettlement, the community members resettled by Maguga Dam say that they are better off after being resettled than they were before. This video tries to capture the reasons why. It was filmed and produced by Liane Greeff for the Environmental Monitoring Group, with original music composed by Roy MacGregor. Filming of the video was made possible with funds from Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Global Greengrants Fund. The Maguga Dam is a transboundary project funded by both South Africa and Swaziland.”

Resettling Maguga

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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