Title:  Relocation Failures in Sri Lanka:  A Short History of Internal Displacement and Resettlement

Author:  Robert Muggah

“This book is a welcome addition to the literature.  There are instructive similarities, but also important differences, among forced resettlements as a result of development projects, armed conflict or natural disasters.  Muggah brings insightful social science analysis to this subject, plus an incisive historical perspective.  His choice of Sri Lanka as a case study is apt, since this country offers relevant examples of all three kinds of internal displacement for us to learn from.” – Norman Uphoff, Cornell University

“Can one author concomitantly wield the analytical lenses of several disciplines?  This insightful study brilliantly conquers this daunting methodological challenge.  Muggah’s major book is the sharpest theoretical, political and sociological analysis of the conundrum of displacements and resettlement processes, which are integral not only to Sri Lanka’s social fabric but epitomize the status of today’s world at large.” – Michael M. Cernea, George Washington University


“Relocation Failures explains how internal displacement and efforts to engineer resettlement are conceived and practiced by policy makers and practitioners.  The author argues that policies for internally displaced peoples are weak and diluted by narrow interpretations of state sovereignty and collective action dilemmas, and in the case of Sri Lanka, unintentionally intensified ethnic segregation and ultimately war.

This unique new book considers the origins and parameters of internal displacement and resettlement policy and practice and proposes and explanation for why it often fails.  In highlighting the ways that development assistance can exacerbate smoldering conflicts, the volume provides an important caution to the aid community.”



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