Resettlement_Report_March_2008 photo An important, analytical report on resettlement status in Turkey’s Ilisu Hydroelectric Dam Project has been released. Prepared by the Committee of Experts on Resettlement for the Ilisu am Project, the report is severely critical of the lack of resettlement preparation and the transgression of international standards and agreements. The Report directly pertains to the Committee of Experts on Resettlement’s first field visit to the project site. The Report has been prepared by Committee of Experts on Resettlement, co-authored by: Professor Michael M. Cernea (Chairman of the Committee of Experts-Resettlement, USA), Professor Shi Guoqing (China), Professor Yavuz Kir (Turkey), and Professor Yusup Ozcan (Turkey).  

Turkey’s Ilisu Hydropower Project Report 2008

Professors Shi Guiquig and Michael Cernea are INDR members and can be contacted under Contact Us.

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