UNDP is pleased to invite your comments on their draft Social and Environmental Standards by April 18, 2014 (French and Spanish versions will be posted soon on the website).  The objectives of the standards are to: (i) strengthen the social and environmental outcomes of UNDP’s programmes and projects; (ii) avoid adverse impacts to people and the environment; (iii) minimize, mitigate, and manage adverse impacts where avoidance is not possible; and (iv) strengthen capacities for managing social and environmental risks.

Given our members’ relevant expertise, they kindly request our inputs to help them ensure that their proposed standards respond to the needs of those they aim to help; are relevant and practical within the context they work within; and are consistent with best practice. Following this open comment period, members’ inputs will be taken into consideration in a revised version that will be presented to UNDP’s senior management for endorsement.  The revised version along with a summary of comments received and responses will be made available on the website.

 The standards will be underpinned by the Social and Environmental Compliance Review and Dispute Resolution Process which has two key components: 1) a compliance review to respond to claims that UNDP is not in compliance with applicable environmental and social policies; and 2) a dispute resolution process that ensures those affected by UNDP’s programmes and projects have access to appropriate dispute resolution procedures. Relevant documents are available for comment as well on the website.

Please send comments on the Social and Environmental Standards to Holly Mergler at holly.mergler@undp.org and comments on the Compliance Review and Dispute Resolution Process to Jennifer Laughlin at jennifer.laughlin@undp.org.

Last Updated (Monday, 2 April 2014)