INDR colleague, Michael Cernea, has released a new training manual in Spanish called:

(PDF):Capacitación para el manejo de riesgos en reasentamientos

(Capacity building for resettlement risk management: Risk analysis and the risks and reconstruction model in population resettlementtraining course).


“This training course is one of the tools to promote knowledge and dissemination as part of the program, REGIONAL TECHNICAL ASISTENA of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), focused on training for the  Risks Administration during Relocations (RETA 6091). The theme of this particular program RETA, and this training course, is specifically dedicated to ‘building capacity to manage risks relocations associated with populations.” The countries benefiting from RETA 6091 are Cambodia, People’s Republic China (PRC) and India, but this training instrument is designed to be used when necessary in other countries Asia and the Pacific.”- Michael Cernea.

Last Updated (Monday, 6 May 2013)