IAIA to focus on Restoration of Livelihoods after Involuntary Resettlement, October 2014

Susanna Price, a member of our advisory board, will attend the upcoming IAIA Resettlement Symposium on behalf of INDR.  The symposium will take place next month at the Krugerphoto National Park, South Africa, where over 40 countries will attend. Details regarding registration and timeline of events follow in the downloadable Symposium and Training agenda. The meeting is particularly important since livelihood restoration is being diluted in proposed revisions of the World Bank’s safeguard policies (see next story), despite four decades of research showing that compensation alone is not sufficient to prevent impoverishment form forced displacements.

The presentations will be downloadable after the event, and a report produced  on outcomes and recommendations for practice by the IAIA conference organisers, Mike Steyn and Ana Maria Esteves.

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Last Updated (Saturday, 27 September 2014)

Challenging Resettlement at the Impact Assessment for Social and Economic Development: Call for Papers

Viña del Mar | Chile,  8-11 April 2014
Luciano C. Bornholdt (The World Bank) recently joined the World Bank as a Senior Social Development Specialist in DC. He is inviting INDR members to submit abstracts this month (November 2013) for the 2014 meeting of the Impact Assessment for Social and Economic Development  in Chile.
He is chairing a session entitled Changing Resettlement. A summary: Resettlement is often challenging. As specialists, we use different strategies in order to overcome challenging contexts, institutional settings, budgets, lending structures and natural/urban environments in resettlement projects. It is not often, however, that we can benefit from each other’s experience. This session will focus on creative and innovative approaches to both the physical resettlement per se and the restoration of livelihoods, especially those approaches that can be adapted to your own challenging projects.
Please check here to learn more about the meeting and submit abstracts. Contact him at lbornholdt@worldbank.org