Dr. Ted Downing

67_-560437011President of the International Network on Displacement and Resettlement (INDR). Ted’s extensive experience may be reviewed on teddowning.com. He prepared two white papers for Rio +10 conference, under contract with a consortium of mining companies and key nonprofit environmental groups. See Involuntary Resettlement and Mining and Indigenous Peoples and Mining: Stakeholder Strategies and Tactics

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Carmen Garcia-Downing

Carmen Garcia-Downing, Secretary/Treasurer

Secretary of INDR, is on the Faculty at the College of Public Health at the University of Arizona, specializing on indigenous peoples. A native Zapotec from Oaxaca.

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Susanna Price

photo Susanna Price, a Research Associate from the Australian National University in Canberra, was the first Social Development Specialist recruited by Asian Development Bank to work on Resettlement.  Her work on resettlement policy enhancement in Asia has won the Praxis Award, Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists (2003) and the 9th Canadian CIDA Award for International Co-operation (2000). She has worked on the mining sector in Indonesia, and publishes on resettlement and social development.

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Jonathan Willis Martinez

Profile photoSpecial assistant to president of INDR. Jonathan Willis Martinez is an undergraduate in Latin American Studies and Classical Guitar at the University of Arizona. His concentration focuses on Mexican and southwestern U.S. history, as well as resettlement, displacement, indigenous people’s rights, and urban development. As a professional guitarist, he is a composer and full-time performing artist, showcasing an innovative style of guitar that must be seen live. He has opened the stage for internationally renowned players such as Trace Bundy and Jocelyn Celaya. jonathanwmartinez.com

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Tobi Jeans Maracle

tobi 1Tobi Jeans Maracle is from a rural Anishnawbe community in Northern Ontario, Canada and is currently pursuing a PhD in American Indian Studies with a focus on Aboriginal Stewardship. She received a Masters of Environment and Sustainability from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Geography from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.


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Aresta Tsosie LaRusso

13832_1287425348328_5836180_nAresta Tsosie LaRusso is a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona in the American Indian Studies program with a focus on law and policy. She also teaches the Navajo language. Aresta is a member of the Navajo Nation.


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 Carime Lechner Koch


 Carime Koch, currently a Ph.D student in American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona focusing on the consultation process between extractive industries and indigenous communities. In 2011, she was a Fulbright Scholar in Mongolia researching mining-induced displaced herding families in the Gobi Desert.

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Dr. Jide James-Eluyode

JideDr. Jide James-Eluyode is a scholar and lawyer with expertise in international law and policy. His areas of interest cut across Human Rights and Business Compliance, Indigenous People’s Rights, International Humanitarian law, Economic Development Law, Displacement & Resettlement policy, Environmental & Natural Resource Law, Comparative International Law, and Law of International Institutions.

Jide holds advance degrees of Master of Laws (LL.M) in International Business and Trade Law from the John Marshall Law School-Chicago, and a Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D) in International Human Rights/Indigenous Human Rights Law & Policy from the University Of Arizona Rogers College Of Law. He is currently a Teaching Fellow with the Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program (IPLP) at the Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona.

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Alexandra Nicole Sabo

 AliAlexandra Sabo earned her BA in International Studies and Spanish at the College of Charleston.  She is currently pursuing her MA in Latin American studies at the University of Arizona.



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