Re-examining “Displacement”: A Redefinition of Concepts in Development and Conservation Policies. Social Change, Vol. 36, nr. 1

Author: Michael Cernea.


“Social research has generated large bodies of empirical findings proving that many population groups, including but not limited to tribal groups, are materially impoverished and made worse off  by the introduction of “restriction of access” to natural resources, either under some development projects or by establishing parks and protected areas (PA) for biodiversity conservation. This convincing social and environmental evidence has long been overlooked by Governments and development agencies. However, a significant change, still little known, has recently taken place. This change, analyzed further, consists in a conceptual and policy revision adopted by the multilateral development agencies (e.g., the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and others). Grounded in empirical evidence, this policy development has direct relevance for the condition of tribal and aboriginal populations inhabiting remote areas, for national Governments, and for many international development and environment programs.

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