Can Compensation Prevent Impoverishment?










Title: Can Compensation Prevent Impoverishment? Reforming Resettlement through Investments and Benefit-Sharing

Editors/Authors: Michael M. Cernea & Hari Mohan Mathur

“…This book raises critical policy issues that have plagued economists ever since Pareto Financial solutions derived from a narrow compensation theory that can neither improve, nor restore incomes… The authors put forward novel solutions for de-pauperizing those displaced: targeted investments and benefits-sharing, additional to compensation. Development analysts, economists, policy makers, and practitioners stand to gain from this book.” – Irma Adelman, University of California, Berkeley


“Cernea’s and Mathur’s book places avoidance of impoverishment squarely in the realm of the economics and financing of resettlement… with empirical evidence ranging widely from China to Brazil… this book is an important contribution… It offers a line of solutions… to those who must implement them…” – Vasudha Dhagamwar, Formerly with Multiple Action Research Group (MARGE), New Delhi

“…[An] essential reading for all policy makers… As the book’s title emphasizes, resettlement must be reformed through benefit sharing and development investments.”
-Thayer Scudder, California Institute of Technology


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