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Development-Induced Displacement and Resettlement: The newest category of forced migrations, Losgraf Academic Publishers, Warsaw, 2012, (book in Polish).

 The aim of this book is population displacement associated with economic development. According to  specialists each year, over 15 000 000 people are forced to change their place of residence as a result of the implementation of development projects: the development of road and rail infrastructure, urbanization, construction of dams and irrigation projects, deforestation and resource extraction, development of agriculture, conservation of nature and population redistribution schemes. DIDR is currently one of the dominant categories of forced migration worldwide. The book pays attention to the examples of development-caused resettlement in Central in Eastern Europe, which is novelty in scientific literature.

Table of Contents

The author analyzes the most important issues associated with development-induced displacement and resettlement

  • Causes and consequences of development-induced displacement
  • The most important causes of DIDR worldwide
  • Legal context of this problem
  • Activities of international institutions
  • Basic forms of social resistance against DIDR
  • Examples of development-caused involuntary resettlement in Central and Eastern Europe

The interdisciplinary nature of the book may be of interest for both academics (geographers, ethnographers, sociologists, political scientists, environmentalists and experts in the field of human rights) and all readers who want to understand the social consequences of contemporary economic development.

Bogumil Termiński is a specialist in the field of social and economic human rights and the social dimension of migration. He is the author of two books: International protection of migrant workers. Origins, Institutions and impact. (Warsaw University Press, 2011) and Environmentally-Induced Displacement: Theoretical Frameworks and Current Challenges (University of Liege, 2012), as well as a number of analytical reports published by international humanitarian  institutions (including the UNHCR in Geneva).

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Year of publication 2012
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