Title: Risks and Reconstruction: Experiences of Resettlers and Refugees

Editors:  Michael M. Cernea, Christopher McDowell

This book’s authors explore how the risks of impoverishment through displacement can be mitigated and reversed through reconstruction and improvements in livelihoods.  For policy makes and civic militants, practitioners and academes, the volume’s theoretical analysis and operational recommendations are a ‘must know’.

Since humans have existed, voluntary and involuntary relocations have been a constant feature of their existence and of world history.  Either for reasons of war, natural disaster, overpopulations, economic hardship, infrastructural construction or for the needs of development, population resettlement always changes lives and shapes existences.  Risks and Reconstruction is a must for those who want to meet the challenges ahead in resettlement processes and in assisting refugees while learning how to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Table of Content:  p.1,  p.2 p.3  and p.4.

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