Title: India Social Development Report 2008: Development and Displacement

Edited By:  Hari Mohan Mathur

The Social Development Report 2008 focuses on the displacement crisis of Project-affected Persons who are seldom adequately compensated and resettled.

It advocates development that ensures minimum disruption and a share of its benefits to the affected…With contributions from well-known social scientists, resettlement specialists, development practitioners, and human right activists this Report:

– Presents new data on the size and impact of displacement.
– Advises against indiscriminate opposition to every project.
– Urges reforming the resettlement policy and the legal system.
– Makes policy recommendations to improve the lives of affected people.

In addition, it highlights the social impact of the right to information law, the national rural employment guarantee scheme, and the various recent initiatives in education and health.  It also provides an updated Social Development Index. This Report will be a useful resource for economists, policy makers, development planners, administrators, industry managers, MNC’s, international development agencies, NGOs, and the media.

Table of Contents:  P.1, P.2